Layered Place-making: Audra Lambert in Conversation with Artist Teresita Fernandez

Portrait (2014), by Noboru Morikawa at Kyoto University of Art and Design “Places and landscapes aren’t fixed, what we project on them is constantly evolving.” -Teresita Fernández The past year has been anything but quiet for Teresita Fernández. Between her acclaimed solo exhibit with Lehmann Maupin in late 2015 and a blockbuster public art project, "Fata Morgana," on view from summer 2015 through early 2016 at Madison Square Park, a growing audience appreciates Fernández’s presence. An esta

Satellite Art Show 2017 - Contemporary Art

It is a truth universally acknowledged that visitors to Miami Art Week’s Satellite Art Show should expect the unexpected. Even those who came prepared were still confounded by this year’s edition, where experiences included rubbing elbows with ghosts in a nightclub, exploring hallucinatory, iridescent caverns, and taking virtual treks to the Egyptian underworld. Satellite Art Show proudly occupies the liminal boundary between contemporary art and cultural trendsetter, serving as a glimpse throug

Eight Must-See Fall Contemporary Art Gallery Shows In New York City

Fall is waiting in the wings, and with it arrives a plethora of art exhibitions popping up across New York City. From Chelsea to Bushwick, TriBeCa to the Lower East Side, the solo and group shows opening over the next two weeks will shed light on contemporary trends in art-making. Let’s take a closer look to uncover how artists are digesting and breathing new life into social dialogue and cultivating new looks at our post-truth and post-digital Zeitgeist with upcoming exhibitions, beginning in

Enticing Others: Sylva Dean and Me Charms Bystanders in Italy, July 2017

The romantic allure of Italy spiked in July 2017 when Brooklyn-based performance artist Sylva Dean and Me visited Bari, Milan and Venice during the 57th Biennale. Taking to the streets and waterways of Venice, visitors were enchanted by the sight of the these blue and white-clad wanderers in their masks: devoid of identity, chance encounters sparked charming and surreptitious responses between performer and passersby. Wandering along back alleys and traveling through Venice’s storied canals via

Aesthetics of Contemporary Feminism at Milk and Nigh​t’s Black Mirror: 13 Artists ​Spring/Break Art Show 2017.

Dysmorphic self-portraits jostle for attention with segmented body parts, limbs immersed in nature, and partially obscured studio portraits in sumptuous settings. Yet at no point in the visit to Milk and Night’s Black Mirror: 13 Artists are visitors overwhelmed. Delicately encircling the (at times) amorphous platform that is contemporary feminism, ranging from the highly conceptual to the macabre, Black Mirror: 13 Artists is a cornucopia of earthly delights celebrating artists whose work elevate

Whose Care Is it Anyway? Reflections on In The Power of Your Care - contemporary art

In the Power of Your Care, an exhibit held at the Rubin Foundation 8th floor gallery, was a celebration of health care as a human right. Works on view ranged from video art and sculpture to works on paper and mixed media, paintings and photographs. Taking over the Foundation’s 8th floor space from February to August 2016, the exhibit featured works of art meditating on the power of community-based efforts to enact social change in health-related initiatives. Artists on exhibit included caraballo

Spring/Break Art Show Strikes Back: Memorable Trends and Artists from 2016

Spring/Break Art Show has come and gone again, its lingering scent of artistic innovation hovering over the garden path of the art world at large. A week and some change has passed, and looking back, now is the right time to finally point to what worked and what, well, didn’t. Eschewing the trade-show quality of other art fairs like ADAA’s The Art Show and the Armory Show, Spring/Break continues to provide respite for art lovers seeking to evade canonized art world tropes. However, despite the

What's Possible in America: Dread Scott, More Art, and the Impossibility of Freedom

The thing I remember most about the start of the performance was the deafening sound of silence. That was the first unexpected moment during artist and activist Dread Scott’s performance piece with More Art. The crowd pressed forward in anticipation as Scott turned a corner and prepared to advance. The firefighters, prepared to unleash a stream of water against Scott equivalent to a crowd control hose, were at the ready. And the world held its breath. On the Impossibility of Freedom in a Count